Tuesday, 30 October 2012

say / tell

I am often asked "What is the difference between 'say' and 'tell'?"

The meaning, of course, is very similar but the way to use them is different.

to tell (someone) (something)
to tell (someone) about (something)
to tell (someone) to (do - ) 

to say (something)
to say (something) to (someone)


He told me a story.
He told me about his plans for the weekend.
He told me to sit down.

He said (that) he was hungry.
He said 'hello' to her.

Sometimes you can use either to say the same thing...

He said he was hungry = He told me (that) he was hungry

He said "Sit down" = He told me to sit down

Hope this helps...if you have any questions please comment below :)

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