Friday, 20 January 2012


I have been a fan of dance ever since I met Kaori almost 12 years ago. When I met her she was dancing in 'The King and I' and we often used to go to see contemporary dance together. But when I first saw contemporary dance I didn't like it very much. I always found it too 'arty' and never really understood what it was all about. Then after we came to Japan there is not much of a 'dance scene' in Hiroshima, and we only went to Tokyo once to see dance so I kind of lost interest...
Then about 2 years ago I found a UK TV program online called 'So You Think You Can Dance' and we watched it together. It is a televised dance contest with one dancer being voted-off by the public in a phone vote every week, until there is a winner who gets a professional dance contract.
Not all of the content is good, and some of it is awful, but there were some beautiful pieces on it.
If you have never seen contemporary dance before these are some good starters...enjoy.

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