Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New? Old? restaurant

Yesterday me and my wife took my son to school in Hiroshima and, as every Monday (our day off), we walked around town. After spending about 6 hours in Adidas, waiting for my wife to try on everything in the shop, it was lunch time so we headed towards Fukuromachi.
On the way past Fukuromachi elementary school my wife suddenly stopped dead...

"Why don't we go here?" she asked, outside a small, old lunch place called Kogane...

Now I spend most of my free time in Hiroshima in Fukuromachi. My favourite shops are there, favourite restaurants...and I have walked along this street hundreds of times, but I have never even noticed this place!
So after standing outside for a few seconds, deciding who would go in first, we went in and...I was thrilled!

It is a 'real old-fashioned 'shoku-do'', pot of oden steaming by the door and a row of glass-doored fridges containing all kinds of home style cooking. Everything we picked out of the fridges was taken away by the waitresses, heated-up and brought to our table.

It is really cheap, delicious, home cooking.

The oden soup has probably got about 30 years of flavour in it, the miso soup was delicious, just like I used to eat at my wife's grand-mother's house and the chicken I ate was juicy and very tasty...
In short I can't believe that I have never been there before but I will definitely be going there again very soon

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