Monday, 20 February 2012


Now. I don't drink very much. Maybe 1 can of beer a week, and often not at all, but when I do I really don't like drinking famous brand lager. In England there are so many small, independent breweries which produce some fantastic tasting, locally produced 'real ale'. Every time I go to London I try as many different ones as I can, as in the UK you can buy a large selection of ales in your local supermarket.
However in Japan it is very difficult to find 'real' beer. Once before I have been to Kure-ru in Kure which has it's own brewery on site, and it was pretty good (especially their black beer).

Then last night we went to an inn in Kure and they had a locally brewed, 'navy' beer, and it was great! It was very cloudy and tasted almost like home-brewed beer. It is a little expensive but I will be drinking it again soon...

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