Thursday 5 April 2012


So last week I went on a quick trip home to London...and I am in love!!
Since I came to Japan 8 years ago I have been back to London 4 times now, and every time before this time I have had mixed emotions about my home city. Sometimes I love it, others I hate things about it, but this time I am in love again.
For probably the first time in my life we had a whole week of sunshine!!

It didn't rain once in a week, which is almost unheard of in March, and the sun brings out the best in Londoners. People walk around with a smile on their face and everyone comes out to stroll the streets and eat lunch in the sun in the park...and it made me remember all of my best times in my London life.

London is such a beautiful city and I enjoyed just walking the streets, soaking up the atmosphere and going to all my favourite places...I can't wait to go back!!