Tuesday 12 June 2012

I Want My Hat Back

I love reading to my kids and I am always looking for new English books to read to them.
When I was a child I used to, and still do, love children's books which adults can enjoy too and with some dark humour.
I found this book, called 'I Want My Hat Back' on the net and, after reading the reviews, bought it.
It is so good!
It is funny, the illustrations are fantastic and it has the best dark twist at the end!
I recommend it to everyone, adults and children

Friday 1 June 2012

I said I would...

This is something that often comes up in class.

"I said (that) I would (do...)"

It is a very useful phrase to remember for talking about the past. It is usually used to talk about past plans you had which didn't happen in the end.

"I said (that) I would meet her at the station but she didn't show up"

"I said (that) I wanted to be a pilot but I failed the exams"

It is used often when talking about others' promises to you which were broken...

"My wife said (that) she would buy me a new coat for my birthday but she didn't"

Please try to make your own sentences with the phrase and try to use it in conversation